A modern day creative with a strong design-led approach

Enis Maksutovski — also known as Future Paris — is a German-born independent designer, illustrator and creative director with 14+ years of professional experience.

The Germany-based designer & creative works for brands, agencies, production houses and start-ups internationally to create contemporary work that matters.

Enis creates future facing concepts, digital imagery, 2D & 3D illustrations and has been commissioned to create artwork for clients such as Audi, Bose, Germany’s Next Top Model, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Zalando amongst others.

Prior to starting his own business, Enis spent some powerful years (2007 - 2011) as an art director and designer at the production house Parasol Island. There he worked across all integrated departments in film, animation and digital communication.

Alongside his work in the advertising industry, Enis built his own fashion brand within 2 years. Stocked in luxury streetwear retailers and worn by worldwide known celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa and professional athletes like Karim Benzema to name a view. And with sales from Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Paris to New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Thanks to its fashion brand, Enis extends his growing network and stays in close contact with the celebrities day-to-day teams.

Enis is a husband and father to a beautiful little girl and a fervent basketball player with respectable skills.

But Enis, why should we work with you?

Pretty simple. It's not only the experience in design and advertising. As a founder of a fashion brand I put my entrepreneurial talent and marketing skills into each projects to make it more valuable for brands, agencies and the audience.


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Art Direction / Creative Direction / Branding / Corporate Identity / 2D & 3D Design / Illustration / Character Design / Campaigns / Key Visuals / Creative Consultation / Brand Guidelines / Infographics / Styleframe Design / Print / Packaging Design / Retouch / UX/UI / Website Design / E-Commerce Design / Magazine Design / Graphic Design

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